Nepalis and their Tradition


Nepali people are less in number compared bhutia and lepchas of the district. Most of the nepalis of North Sikkim belong to the Kirat family (Limbu/Subba, Gurung, Mangar etc.) and are settled around Mangshila, and Tingchim .Nepali people are believed to be very courageous and are popularly known as Ghorkas in the Indian sub-continent. Limbus or Subbas are also called Yakthambas ( yak-herders) and they are further divided into Kasigotra, Bhuiphutia and the Lhasagotra (Tsongs). Nepalis are basically hindus but many of them specially kirats are Buddhists too. Nepali language is common in the district and even in the state . Though Nepalis belonging to kirat family have their own language like, limbu, tamang, gurung etc. but they all speak Nepali and many of them are great poets and writers of Nepali language. Nepali language has now been included in the eighth schedule of the Indian constitution. The great Hindu epic “Mahabharata” has been translated into Nepali language by a poet named -Bhanu Bhakta who was from Nepal. He is remembered by Nepalis as ‘adi kabi’ meaning first true poet.


          Traditional dress of Nepali male is ‘Dhaura’, ‘Surwal’, ‘Topi’ and ‘Patuka’ where as that of the female member is ‘Ghuniu’,’Choli’,’Patuka’ and ‘Hembari’

Nepali Male and Female in their Traditional Dressess


          Nepali folklores are called ‘LOK GITH’ and are highly melodious. The traditional Nepali dances are maruni nach, khukuri nach, sangini nach, chabrung, balan etc. and they all are performed very beautifully.