The people of Sikkim are warm, simple and friendly with a nature gaiety.

The customs and rituals of Sikkim are as diverse as the ethnic that inhabit the land ; the 'Lepchas' -- essentially children of the forest , the 'Bhutias' and the 'Nepalese' .

The people of sikkim love to celebrate. Be it the chasing away of the evil spirit or the celebrations on the occasion of the new year, the Sikkimese do it all with a gay abandon. And if you're fortunate you could persuade the Sikkimese to offer you ' chang' - a preparation from fermented millet. The drink is served to you in bamboo containers with a hollow bamboo pipe.

The Sikkimese culture finds expression in it's beautiful arts and crafts. Carry back a momento of your holiday - be it an intricately carved piece of furniture (choktse), a highly embellished carpet or an artifact of woven bamboo.

Traditional Dragon Ear Rings

Traditional Nepali Bangles & Necklace

Sikkimese Painting

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