Sri L. D. Kazi


Popularly known as L. D. Kazi, was born in 1904 in Pakyong East District. He was the fonder President of Sikkim Praja Mandal, which was established in 1946. He was the first man to advocate the theory of one person one vote in the state.

L. D. Kazi and some other like minded people formed a party called Sikkim State Congress in 1947, with a view to form Democratic form of Government in Sikkim. He remained the president of the party from 1953 to 1958. He became the 1st Chief Minister of Sikkim on 14 MAY, 1975 - 17 AUGUST, 1979.

Sri. B. B. Gooroong


Mr. B. B. Gooroong born on 11 October, 1929 in Chabrung. He matriculated from St. Roberts High School in Darjeeling. He obtained his Bachelor Degree from North Pt. Calcutta. In his earlier days he served as a teacher from 1953 to 1955 in Darjeeling.

His political carrer started when he formed Sikkim Rajya Congress and became the General Secretary in 1958. In 1967 Mr. Gooroong was elected Executive Councellor from L. D. Kazi's Sikkim Rashtriya Congress. He remained in the party till 1971.

Mr. Gooroong very strongly supported the Democratic movement in 1972 - 73. After Sikkim merged with India in 1975, Mr. Gooroong was elected in the 1st Vidhan Sabha in 1977. He remained as speaker till 1979 after which he was in the opposition. Thereafter in 1984 Mr. B. B. Gooroong was sworned as the third Chief Minister of Sikkim.

Sri. Sanchaman Limboo

Sri. Sanchaman Limboo (17/06/95 - 12/12/95)