HOME DEPARTMENT


NO.01/HOME/P/09                                                                                        Dated: 21st August, 2009


        Whereas, the State Government has deemed it expedient to modify the rules relating to allotment of accommodation in Old/New    Sikkim Houses and Hauz Khas , New Delhi.

        Now, therefore, the State Government hereby makes the following Rules to regulate the allotment of accommodation in Old/New Sikkim Houses, Hauz Khas and Sewa kBhawan, New Delhi.

                           1.    Short title and Commencement

                             (i)    These rules may be called the Allotment of Accommodation (in Old/New Sikkim House

                                    Hauz Khas and Sewa Bhawan ) Rules, 2009.

                            (ii)    They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the official gazette.

                             2. Control and Supervision

                                    The overall control of Old and New Sikkim Houses, the property at X-13 Hauz Khas

                           and Sewa Bhawan at L-12  South Extension, New Delhi shall be vested with the

                           Secretary-In-charge of Home Department, Government of Sikkim, who may authorize any officer

                          of the Home Department to control and make supervision of these Guest House on his behalf.

                        3.    Allotment of Accommodation in Sikkim Houses, Hauz Khas and Sewa Bhawan.

                        (i)   The list of persons entitled to occupy the Sikkim Houses, Hauz Khas and Sewa Bhawan

                                accommodation while travelling on duty or otherwise is given in Annexure I, II and III.

                        (ii)    The Chief Justice and the Judges of the High Court of Sikkim shall be treated as State Guests 

                                whenever they visit Delhi.

                        (iii)    Room Nos. 201 and 202  in Old Sikkim House will be specifically earmarked for the Chief Justice and

                                Judges of High Court of Sikkim  as and when they visit Delhi. When vacant, these rooms may be allotted to

                                other dignitaries visiting Delhi 24 hours in advance only.

                        (iv)    Retired Chief Justice and other Justice initially appointed as Judges of the High Court of Sikkim will be treated 

                                as State Guest whenever they visit Delhi. However, such visits shall be regulated and communicated to the Home 

                                Department and the office of the Resident commissioner by the High Court of Sikkim.

                        (v)    Priority in booking of rooms in Guest Houses will be in following order ; namely :-

                                .    State Guests

                                .    State VIPS/Officials visiting Delhi for official purposes.

                                .    Officials on Private visit.

                                .    Non officials.

                        (vi)    Officers/employees working under Central Government offices located in Sikkim may be provided 

                                  accommodation in New Sikkim House during their official visit, subject to availability of room.

                        (vii)    Rooms will not be allotted for more than one week for continuous occupation and allottees will be required

                                  to vacate the room on the date of expiry of the duration of the stay mentioned in the permit issued by the Home 


                        (viii)    No rooms shall be allotted more than 30 (Thirty) days in advance. Fifty percent (or more in case or urgent official

                                  requirements during plan discussions etc.) of the rooms in New Sikkim House shall be kept in reserve by the 

                                  Home Department of which 25% shall be allotted not more than 7(seven) days in advance and the remaining 

                                  25% not more than 2 (two) in advance.

                         (ix)    The VIP suites in New Sikkim House are restricted to VIPs listed from SL. NO. (i) to (iv) of Annexure - II, and

                                  officers in the scale of pay of Principal Secretary to the Government and above. Dignitaries entitled to

                                  accommodation in Old Sikkim House may also be allotted VIP room in case of non - availability of  in 

                                  accommodation Old Sikkim House. In case a VIP room is lying unoccupied, the same may be allotted to officers 

                                  in the scale of pay of Comm-cum-Secretary and above and Heads of department visiting Delhi on official duties for

                                  maximum of three days duration, subject to booking for such category of officers being confirmed not more than 

                                  48 hours in advance.

                      (x)    No room shall be booked for students. However, accommodation for them will be provided in dormitory in 

                            New Sikkim House during transit or during the months when admissions are in progress in Delhi Colleges for a 

                            maximum period of 3 and 15 days respectively .

                    (xi)    Notwithstanding  anything contained in Rule 2 and sub rule (1) of Rule 3, the Resident Commissioner, Sikkim 

                            House, New Delhi may, at his discretion, allot 5 double accommodation is available and not reserved for use,

                            to officers of Central and other State Government on reciprocal basis on payment of  rents as specified under

                            Rule 5.

                    4.    Priority of right to occupy the Sikkim Houses, Hauz Khas and Sewa Bhawan.

                        (i)    Accommodation in Old/New Sikkim House, Hauz Khas and Sewa Bhawan shall be provided according to the

                            priority indicated in Rule 3 (vi) and Annexure-I, Annexure-II and Annexure-III.

                       (ii)  Accommodation confirmed may be cancelled or alternative accommodation arrranged by the Resident Commissioner, 

                            Sikkim House if the same is required to be provided in public interest to a person placed in higher rank or in case of 

                            requirement by Home Department or by officials traveling on official duty.

                    (iii)    As between two persons placed in the same position, elected person shall have precedence over the nominated.

                    (iv)    A person shall not be allowed to occupy more than one room to the exclusion of other officers traveling on duty and 

                            requiring the accommodation.

                    (v)    Patients undergoing organ transplant and bye-pass surgeries shall have precedence over other patients mentioned   

                            in Annexure-III.

                    The following persons are entitled for Official and Ordinary rates :-

                        a.        Entitlement of Official Rate:-

                        i)    Officers of Government of Sikkim on official visit,

                        ii)    MLAs / Chairpersons / Advisors / Political  Secretary on CM / Members, Planning Commission of Sikkim on 

                            official visits.

                        iii)    Officers of Central Government on official visit.

                        b.        Entitlement of Ordinary Rate : -

                        i)    Officers of Government of Sikkim or their dependants on private visit.

                        ii)    Chairpersons of Sikkim on private visit.

                        iii)    Officers of Central Government on private visit.

                        iv)    Important persons of Central Government / other State Governments on official visit.

                        v)    Ex-Ministers / Ex- MLAs.

                        vi)    Sikkimese public.

                        vii)    Retired State Government Officials / employees.

                        viii)    Non-Sikkimese Public subject to availability.

                    5.        Charges of Accommodation

                        The charges of accommodation of a room per day shall be as follows:-

                        i)        Old Sikkim House





H.E the Governor of Sikkim 



Hon'ble Chief Minister of Sikkim



Hon'ble Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court



Hon'ble Speaker, Sikkim Legislative Assembly.



Hon'ble Member of the Council of Minister



Hon'ble Judges of Sikkim High Court



Hobn'ble Deputy Speaker of Sikkim Legislative Assembly



Hon'ble Members of Sikkim Legislative Assembly


                        N.B. - (i)    Room tariff for any other dignitary who is provided accommodation in Old Sikkim House will

                                            be Rs. 1000/-.

                                    (ii)    Government Officers accommodation in Old Sikkim House will be charged tariff as applicable for 

                                            VIP room in New Sikkim House.

                                    (iii)    Tariff at the rate of Rs. 500/- per day will be paid by the Home Department in respect of  any

                                            difnitary entitled jto State Gues facility at Sikkim House, New Delhi.

                                    ii)    New Sikkim House -

   (a)    Room Tariff for official Tour / Duty **

Sl.No. Partiulars Tariff
(i) VIP room Rs.1200/-
(ii) Double room Rs.600/-
(iii) Single room Rs.450/-
(iv) Extra bedding without bed  Rs.100/-


                                         ** Stay shall be treated on official tour/duty only if requisition for room reservation is accompanied

                                        by approval of the Competent Authority.

     (b)    Ordinary Room Tariff.

Sl.No. Particulars  Tariff


(i) VIP room Rs.1400/-
(ii) Double room Rs.700/-
(iii) Single room Rs.500/-
(iv) Extra bedding without bed Rs.100/-

                 FOR STAY AFTER FOUR DAYS

(i) VIP room Rs.1800/-
(ii) Double room Rs.850/-
(iii) Single room Rs.600/


                                                    iii)    Dormitory tariff.

                                                 A flat rate of Rs. 150/- and Rs. 75/- per day per bed shall be charged for AC and Non- AC dormitories.

                                     Students visiting Delhi will be charged at the rate of Rs. 100/- and 50/- per bed for AC and Non-AC dormitories

                                     respectively. Dormitory accommodation will not be permitted for more than ten days. Any extension of stay will be

                                     subject to the  approval of Resident Commissioner and availability of accommodation.

                                     N.B.: Unauthorized occupation

                                     (a)    Incase of unauthorized occupation / occupation against booking in another's name, double the ordinary tariff

                                      will be charged and the occupant shall also be liable for eviction without any notice. If the unauthorized  occupant

                                      fails to vacate despite written notice by the Resident Commissioner, then triple the normal rate would be levied and

                                      the occupant shall be liable for eviction.  

                                      (b)    The Sikkim House administration shall have the right to ask for proof of identification from any occupant

                                       before allotting the accommodation/ handing over the room keys even on production of booking slip

                                       issued by the Home Department.

                                                                                                                (iv)    Sewa Bhawa

Sl.No. Particulars Tariff
(i) AC room Rs.500/-
(ii) Non-ACroom Rs.300/-
(iii) Extra bedding without bed (Maximum) -Nil-Rs.15/-

  (v)    Hauz Khas

Sl.No. Particulars Tariff
(i) VIP room Rs.500/-
(ii) Ordinary room Rs.300/-
(iii) Dormitory-a. For patient and one escort

                 b. Additional escort (per bed)





              6.      RealiZation of rent -

              i)      The Deputy Secretary, or such other officer as may be nominated for the purpose in the Protocol Section, Home Department 

                       shall on receipt of room rents in the form of Bank Receipt or other authorized means of payment, issue permits for allotment of

                       rooms in New Sikkim House. The allotee shall normally have to vacate the room on the date of expiry of the duration of stay 

                       stay mentioned in the permit issued by the Home Department.

               ii)     The statements of all money collected on account of rom rents by the Resident Commissioner, Sikkim House, New Delhi, shall be  

                       submitted to the Accounts Officer, Home Department, Government of Sikkim, Gangtok with a copy to the Special / Additional 

                       Secretary, Home Department, Government of Sikkim, Gangtok on a monthly basis. Likewise, Deputy Secretary (Protocol) Home 

                       shall also submit detailed accounts to the Accounts Section, Home Department.

               7.      Maintenance of Sikkim House, Hauz Khas and Sewa Bhawan -

                         The Resident Commissioner, Sikkim House, New Delhi shall see that : -

                         i)      The Old / New Sikkim Houses, Hauz Khas property  and Sewa Bhawan are provided with all the basic necesary amenities.

                        ii)      The rooms , doors, windows, corridors, baths and toilet etc. are kept clean and tidy.

                        iii)     Stock registers for furniture, furnishings, crockery, linen etc are maintained properly and physical verification of stock is

                                 made by periodical inspections.

                        iv)      The buildings, gadgets, approach road and fencing of all the four Houses are properly maintained.

               8.       Visitor's Book -

                         i)      A Visitor's Book shall be kept in all the Houses.

                         ii)     The book shall be in the custody of controller of Household Affairs in New Sikkim House and the respective Receptionist in 

                                 Old Sikkimj House, Hauz Khas  and Sewa Bhawan.

                         iii)     The book shall be produced to the guest at check in time for recording the date and time of arrival and other particular.

                                   The book shall again be produced to him / her for recording the date time of departure.

               9.      Power to relex -

                        Where the Government of Sikkim is of the opinion that it is necessary or expedient to do so, it may by order, for reasons to be 

                     recorded in writing, relax any of the provisions of these rules and room rents.

              10.     Repeal & Savings -

                         i)      Notification No. 56 / Home/ 2007 dated 15/06.2007 published in Extraordinary Gazette no. 290 dated 2nd July , 2007 is hereby


                         ii)      Notwithstanding such repeal anything done or any action taken under the said notification shall, so for as it is not inconsistent

                                  with the provisions of these rules, be deemed to be done or taken under these rules.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Home Secretary

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Government of Sikkim




                         Memo No. 10/H/P/09                                                                                                                                                       Dated:21st August, 2009

                        Copy to : -

                        1.    Principal Secretary to the Governor of Sikkim.

                        2.    Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, Sikkim.

                        3.    All Secretaries / HODs.

                        4.    Resident Commissioner, Sikkim House, New Delhi.

                        5.    Registrar General, High Court of Sikkim.

                        6.    Addl. Advocate General, Sikkim.

                        7.    PS TO Speaker / Dy. Speaker.

                        8.    PS to all Ministers.

                        9.    PA to all Chairpersons / Political Secretary / Advisors.

                        10.    PS to Chief Secretary.

                        11.    Chief Pay & Accounts Officer, Finance (Rev. & Expn.Department).

                        12.    Joint Secretary (Confidential), Home for publication in the Official Gazette.

                        13.    Sr. A. O., Home.

                        14.    SIO, NIC, Gangtok for information and necessary actin on change in tariff.

                        15. File & Guard File.

                                                                                                                                                                                (Karma D. Youtso)

                                                                                                                                                                              Deputy Secretary (P)

                                                                                                                                                                                Home Department


                                                                                                                                                                                 ANNEXURE -I

                                         Accommodation in Old Sikkim House

                        1.    H . E. the Governor of Sikkim

                        2.    Hon'ble Chief Minister of Sikkim

                        3.    Hon'ble Chief Justice of High Court of Sikkim

                        4.    Hon'ble Speaker, Sikkim Legislative Assembly

                        5.    Hon'ble  Members of the Council of Minsiters of Sikkim

                        6.    Hon'ble Judges of High Court of Sikkim

                        7.    Hon'ble Deputy Speaker , Sikkim  Legislative  Assembly

                        8.    Hon'ble Members of Sikkim Legislative  Assembly 

                        9.    Chief Secretary , Government of Sikkim

                        10.  Ld. Advocate General of Sikkim                                                  

                                                                                                                                                                                 ANNEXURE -II

                                         Accommodation in New Sikkim House


                    (i)        Former Chief Minister / Retired Chief Justices / Other Judges initially appointed as Judges of High Court of Sikkim*

                    (ii)       Chairman / Chairpersons / Advisors of Cabinet rank*

                    (iii)      Chairpersons / Members of Commissions in the rank of Ministers of State*

                    (iv)       State Information Commissioner / State Election Commissioner / Other Chairmen / Chairman, SPSC / Dignitaries holding

                                  constitutional positions*

                    (v)       Officer in the pay scale of Pr. Secretaries and above*

                    (vi)      Chairmen / Chairpersons / Advisors

                    (vii)     Officers / Officials of Govt. of Sikkim

                    (viii)    Former Ministers and Former MLAs

                    (ix)       Officers / Officials / Other important persons of Central Govt. and other State Governments.

                    (x)       Former officers of Govt. of Sikkim

                    (xi)      Public of Sikkim.

                    (xii)     Students from Sikkim ( for dormitory accommodation).

                    (xiii)    Others.

    *Dignitaries / Officials indicated from SI.No. (I) to(v) shall be entitled for VIP room accommodation at New Sikkim House and may be

    allotted accommodation in Old Sikkim House during their official visits as per the availability and in that order. The room rent for them,

    incase of allotment in Old Sikkim Houses, shall be the same as for the VIP room in New Sikkim House.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ANNEXURE - III  

                                                   Accommodation in Hauz Khas and Sewa Bhawan - For medical patients of Sikkim    

             Categories of disease

                    1.        Cancer

                    2.        Organ Transplant Surgeries

                    3.        Bye-Pass Surgeries

                    4.        Selected Neuro - Surgical cases (to be identified by Health Department, and

                    5.        All such diseases that may be listed under proviso to Rule 12 of the Sikkim Services (Medical Facilities) Rules, 1981 and as

                                amended from time to time.

                     Note : -    For accommodation  in Hauz Khas and Sewa Bhawan, referral certificate from STNM Hospital / Central Referral Hospital

                     Manipal , Gangtok is required to be furnished at the time of booking.