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DTE Sikkim

The Directorate of Technical Education has been functioning in the Human Resource Development Department ever since 1998 and there has been considerable activity in this area. The overall development of the country largely depends on technological advancement and Technical Education in the State has a big role to play in this regard.

The Directorate is administratively responsible for all matters relating to technician education. It deals with matter relating to the State Board of Technical Education, Sikkim and also all matters relating to All India Council for Technical Education. The Directorate of Technical Education also deals with Polytechnic Education and establishment of Private Universities in the State as well as matters relating to the Central University in Sikkim.

The Directorate also looks after all matters relating to the grant of Scholarships to students as per the State Government norms.

The Directorate also deals with the allotement of the State Quota seats in various Colleges and Institutions within and outside the State. The Directorate conducts the Common Entrance Test for allotement of Medical, Engineering and Allied courses.

The Directorate also implements the Computer Education programmes in Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools in Sikkim.