Mail Services

Mails are accepted and sent in NICNET from a single entry point i.e. via the SMTP gateways. Over 8 lakh mails are transacted in a day. Once a mail is accepted in the network, based on its address, it is routed to the recipient server.
Messaging services constitute one of the primary applications deployed across the network. They represent the front end of the Network. Hence, Messaging services in NICNET need to integrate the application solution, the underlying network, proactive management and maintenance in a single source solution. The Messaging solution of NICNET is scalable, easily customizable, provisioned for increasing needs while assuring optimum performance, security and reliability. Recently, NIC has rationalized the myriad of e-mail addresses offered by NICNET.

Video Conferencing

NIC-Sikkim Video Conferencing Network has one IP based State-Of-the-Art Multi-Point Conferencing Systems and 18 (SIO-Office, Training centre, NODC, SDTC and 4 NIC District Centres) High Definition Video Conferencing equipment for Multi Point Video Conferencing. One HD VC equipment is installed at CS-Office & one EVCS (Executive Video Conferencing Systems) installed at DGP office for interaction with Cabinet Secretaries and Chief Secretaries/DGPs of other States.

Network Services

NIC Sikkim is providing High Speed NICNET / Internet connectivity, Turnkey solutions for the establishment of LAN/ WAN, Mail Messaging Services, Video Conferencing, Anti Virus Support and Security Services to various Central/State/ District level Departments/ Organizations/users. NICNET Infrastructure is equipped with the various high end technology products & solutions like Enterprise Routers, L2/L3 Manageable LAN Switches, MPLS enabled 10Gbps Backbone connectivity, 34/100/1000Mbps Leased Line connectivity to 14 District NIC Centres & SDTC from redundant Service Providers, Multi Layered Secured Architecture including Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System, Centralized Antivirus/Patch Management Servers, Multi Router Traffic Graph Analyzer etc., with Integrated Network Operation Centre functional on 24x7 basis for Network Management, Monitoring and Support services to various users.
NIC Network Operations & Data Centre (NODC) is connected over 10Gbps LL connectivity to NIC-Guwahati, 10 Gbps connectivity to NIC-Hyderabad and over 10 Gbps connectivity to NIC- Chennai to cater to the Data Communication and Video Conferencing needs of the Sikkim state. NICNET 2/4/8/16/34/100 Mbps connectivity has been extended to the following offices in the state. District Courts, High Court, CBI, PAO, FCI, CGHS, DOP, Election Offices(State & Central), RPO, JDGFT, CPWD, survey of India, RGI, BOI, FRRO, Indian Telephone Industries, Civil Supplies, etc NIC Sikkim is fulfilling the commitment in multi-dimensional ways to achieve the user satisfaction with the help of latest state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure.

Web Hosting

NIC is providing web hosting services to the various Indian Government Ministries / Departments / Organisations / Institutions as well as State Government Departments and District Administrations. We provide required shared space on servers which are hosted with us at our DCs and thereby even a shared site can benefit from our infrastructure and network.
We can provide required shared space on servers which are hosted with us at our DCs and thereby even a shared site can benefit from our infrastructure and network. The dedicated web servers and database servers provide a cost effective high performance and managed hosting service. Our dedicated servers are an ideal solution for the provision of demanding or mission critical web, email, e-commerce or business applications.